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CHAI 5 Invites Fans to UNITED Signing Tour At Area Stores
Jewish Boy Band Members to Visit Book and Record Stores Throughout Northeast

New York, NY, - CHAI 5, The Jewish Boy Band invites fans of every generation to visit them throughout the metropolitan area's Jewish book and record stores as they introduce UNITED, the group's exciting new CD.

The songs on the UNITED album combine lyrics closely linked to traditional sources, including the Bible and the sacred liturgy, complemented with music in an array of contemporary style including pop, reggae, ballads, and even hip hop. CHAI 5's music is beloved by members of every generation.
To thank their loyal fans, CHA! 5 will present a crowd-pleasing mini concert performance at each signing location. In addition, everyone who purchases the UNITED CD will receive a special gift from CHAI 5 as well as a discount on the groups initial album, Barchanu.

CHAI, the Hebrew word for "life" {colloquially, "luck" from the numerical value of its letters, 18) perfectly describes the group's lively performance. Each member of CHAI 5 is a talented individual performer; together, they are a musical phenomena. The excitement and energy the boys bring to Benji's Rafaeli's traditionally reflective lyrics carries audiences to enthusiastic enjoyment. The high-energy, acrobatic dance accompanying each melody is, much to the pleasure of the parents who often join the younger audience members, appropriate for every group.
"It was my hope to create a fun-filled program acceptable and appropriate for all audiences," notes Benji. Many Jewish teenagers and students were looking for sin appropriate and acceptable band that offers the excitement and energy of today's music yet avoids inappropriate behavior. "Everywhere the kids turn they are bombarded with the imagery and words the may be explicit or at the least inappropriate. CHAI 5 is a wonderful alternative and makes kids feel included in the contemporary music scene. Its a wonderful way for them to experience music in an I fun-filled Jewish environment."